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The [FACE]book Project: Andrew Al-Khouri

When I first met Andrew years ago, I thought “That’s one hyper dude”.  He had a lot of energy and raring to go.  Fast forward to the present and he needs every ounce of that energy as he is juggling so many hats these days.  Currently his time is primarily occupied by his MasterChef duties.  It has him running all over the place doing interviews and making appearances.  He also managed to launch his music album “Whisky Burns” and is trying to promote that as well.  On top of all this he has other ventures in such as his catering and woodworking business.  As much as he wants to portray a rough image, the guy can’t help but smile. I am glad you found the time for some photos, but the extra 30 mins you spent driving around lost is your fault.


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6’11 according to Wikipedia, but he says 6’10.  I say anything above 5’9 is just tall.  I learned a couple of things on this shoot, one was that I need a wider backdrop.  I wanted to show his wingspan, but the backdrop couldn’t cover it.  The second was Shaquille O’Neal is a big man.  I have a life sized portrait of Shaq’s hand and asked Walter to place his hand on the photo.  There was about a 2″ difference between his and Shaq’s, which really blew our minds.   Thanks for this shot Walter!!

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Twice Is Nice

Heather Moyse was in Halifax and was gracious enough to squeeze me into her busy schedule.  I had shot Sochi medal in the past and although it was good, there were something missing: Vancouver.  We got together and went over a lot of details, moved the medals around until we were relatively satisfied.  Then it was game time.  We took shot after shot, nudging things here and there ever so slightly trying to get everything just right.  An hour and a half later we end up with this.  Not too shabby!!


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The [FACE]book Project – Chris Poirier

I have known this pretty face for a few years now, but mostly from the context of soccer.  I remember there was a period where he had this broke down car and needed rides to games.  On one of our many rides, we got talking about things other than soccer, which was when I found out he was a drummer.  Curious about his abilities, I cranked up the radio and said “Drum to this!”.  He bobbed his head for a few seconds then started to slap out a crazy beat on his knees.  I was impressed.  What is really impressive though is that he has had no formal training, a true natural.  These days you can find him pounding rhythm to electronic music with various DJ’s around Halifax.

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Charmaine + Carl Wedding

When we had our first consultation, Carl said to me it is either going to be you or Jennifer Polson who will shoot our wedding, no question.  In the end we both shot the wedding.  This certainty was what was so great about these two.  They changed the date to get the venue they wanted, they knew who they wanted to do their cake, they knew how they wanted the day to go.  A photographers dream.  All we have to do is let the day unfold and simply wait for the moments, nothing fancy.   Thanks for a great night!!

SIDE NOTE:   Jennifer came along as a second shooter and helped me capture their day.  I want to say a big thank you to her because without her there with her encouragement and support, I wouldn’t have been able to push myself to another level. Fist bump, high five, cyber hug to you!!

Below are a few images of their day, but you really should check out the whole gallery here:


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