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The Carleton – Sean McCann + Matt Wells

I was walking into the backstage area to drop off some photo gear and as I approached, Matt Wells, Paul Lamb, Meaghan Smith, and Sean McCann had an impromptu discussion around what all creatives can relate to: Chasing the dream in the pursuit of happiness.  Listening to what such experienced artists had to say, reaffirms my own decisions around photography.  That discussion was a great way to describe the go with the flow evening.  It was a very laidback show and the banter between Matt and Sean really showcased their Newfoundland charm.  Not to be outdone by their charisma, there was still music to be heard.  I had not known much about Matt, but my impression is he gives everything he does 110%.  I can honestly say I have never seen anyone rock out on a kazoo with such passion!  Sean’s performance was a reflection of the life lessons he has learned while living a very public life with many highs and lows.  He really tells it how it is.  He was joined on stage by local artist Paul Lamb for some songs they collaborated on in the past.  What caught many by surprise was when he joined Meaghan Smith in the crowd for a beautiful duet.  Sean and Matt wrapped up the evening by going on stage together highlighted by “Queen Street Love”.  Both guys have albums soon to be released so keep an eye out for that.  Until then, check out some images from the evening.


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The Carleton – Shaun Leblanc

All I have to say is Shaun Leblanc is dedicated to his craft.  He rolled into The Carleton about 30 mins from showtime and had to take off back to Moncton right after the show.  You only do that if you love what you do and you can tell the passion is there.  Don’t let his boyish good looks fool you, he is more than that.  His voice dances between clean and raspy to keep you on your toes.  Throw in some pop melodies and you have a nice blend of entertaining music.  He played songs from his current album “Kaleidoscope”, but took the opportunity to try some new material for an upcoming album.  Thanks for teasing us!






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The Carleton – Apryll Aileen

Apryll Aileen has this very distinct voice, it is very difficult to describe.  When I heard her cover of  “Say Something” by Great Big World, I just wanted to hear more from her.  It just happened that prior to her show at The Carleton she had released her cover of CCR’s “Bad Moon Rising” which made me really listen to the lyrics.  Enough about covers because she has her own songs such as “Butterflies” and “Hey Sugar” which are awesome!!  She has this sultry sound that demands you to listen.



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The Carleton – Don Amero

Don Amero doesn’t hide that he comes from a hard past, but there is nothing hard about him or his music.  His voice is very tender and his lyrics reveal he is a bit of a romantic.  Despite being from out west, he had a strong local contingent at The Carleton.  He has played in Halifax in the past, just not at The Carleton, and developed a local following.  His new CD “Refined” is now released and is solid, check it out yourself.  Below is some of what you missed.

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The First Day… Sort Of

So Molly went off to her first day of school, well it was orientation to her school.  It was only an hour, but still, it was hard.  It was mostly a blur to be honest, good thing there were handouts.  It wasn’t until after things began to sink in.

After dropping her off at daycare, the radio had people debating on how sex ed should be taught in elementary school.  Then it really hit me, for almost five years, her primary influence has been us.  Now as we begin to release her to the world, we hope that we have done enough of whatever we had to do, to protect her from the evils outside the bubble of our home.  What happens if… What if she this… When will she that…  The reality is, SHE WILL BE FINE  We can’t protect her from everything, we can only give her the skills to watch out for herself.  I am not too worried about her, SHE WILL BE FINE.

It’s not the unknown I am afraid of because SHE WILL BE FINE.  I am sad that she is growing up so fast.  I have been pretty good at not getting sappy with most of Molly’s transitions and milestones, but this one I am having a hard time dealing with.  Before we went to the orientation, I spent the morning watching her do things that I used to help her with.  This morning I watched all of the effort Jill and I have dedicated to her.  I watched her become a big girl.


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