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The Full 90

The World Cup is coming to a close, but this year it has a different flavour for me.  I remember as kid I would stick in the VHS tape and record all the games of my favourite countries.  I would watch specific highlights over and over again and then head out into the yard and repeat what I just saw.  I would practice tricks or moves that I saw some player do until I had it mastered.  What is different now is that this year I have decided to step away from soccer.

For over thirty years, soccer has been a big part of my life.  I can recall maybe three summers when I did not play.  The decision was not easy, but felt right.  Time is always scarce, but I was always able to manage to schedule soccer in.  It is more about my ego.  My play on the field did not reflect my knowledge of the game.  I knew what I was suppose to do, but my body just did not allow me to do it any more and that was frustrating.  It took the joy out of playing.

I will miss the locker room banter, the constant ribbing, and the fact that what happens on the field stays on the field.  Fortunately, I have new and exciting opportunities and I am very excited for this new stage in my life

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Browntown - We can see on your face that this was not an easy decision. Your soccer dad days are just starting though!

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The Road

The music is pumping, the fans are cheering, the TV producer doing quick video cuts trying to capture all the emotion and excitement of Canada successfully defending the gold in Women’s Bobsled.

What a great feeling being an Olympian must be, behold the glory.  If only that were the entire story.  Talent alone will not get you to the top and bring you success.  It is about enduring.  Being an elite athlete can be a dark and lonely experience.  Going to places that are mentally and physically unbearable.  So many aspiring athletes get to that point, but most never make it through.  Most cannot persevere to get to the other side.

In theory it is simple, work hard and put in the time.  It is the X-factors that truly test you and separates the wheat from the chaff.  It is what decides who goes on and who stays.   Injuries, time constraints, funding issues are all barriers that can derail the supposed linear path to success

Heather Moyse is the epitome of enduring and perseverance.  Moving from rugby, to bobsled, and now to cycling, she has taken on challenge after challenge.  The challenge of recovering from one injury after another.  The challenge of taking on a new sport.  The challenge of beating the odds.  With each challenge she faced, she continued to push forward.  She endured.

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