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Molly’s Cove

I can’t remember when the last time I went to Peggy’s Cove, so on our last free weekend it was a perfect opportunity for us to go.  I was a little nervous about Molly and her clumsiness around the rocks, which would end the excursion very quickly.  As the lighthouse comes into view, I see the winds are blowing and the place is packed with people, not a great situation to make some family photos.  If I had some more of my gear, this would not have been a big issue, but kid bags trumps photo gear so I had to make due with what I had.

I was actually surprised at how well Molly navigated the giant rocks and how much fun she had.  I was surprised at her reaction when I let her listen to the sound of the ocean inside of a shell.  I was surprised how all she could talk about was the squishy lobster toy inside the toy and nothing else.  However, I was not surprised I was able to get this shot.  For a simple shot it was harder than it looks.  I had to flex every muscle I had to be able to get low enough and also be stable to frame this shot how I wanted.  Then I waited for Molly.  Sweat starting to build up, muscles starting to go wobbly, then everything falls into place.  Snap, snap, snap, snap!  I got what I was looking for.


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The Mills Family

When we decided to do the shoot around the Westmount area, I was like “Awesome!  I have always wanted to shoot at that park”.  I drive by it everyday for work and leading up to the shoot I was paying more attention to the location, thinking “Hey there are plenty of spots to choose, nothing to worry about”.  Well as I arrived the day of the session, I started to panic slightly because as I walked around I realized there was not as much shade as I had hoped for and of the shade that was available, the backgrounds were just not that good.  Knowing they had a little girl, I knew I couldn’t go on a major trek to get good light, but I couldn’t just settle on anywhere.  I laid out my shoot plan and kept my fingers crossed, hoping the distance was manageable.  I saw Allana and Bob roll up with a stroller and I knew we were gold.  Happy kid = happy photos.  We quickly got what we needed and had time to try something different, which resulted in the first image.  It may not be spectacular, bur for me it was different.  Different perspective, different lens, different interaction. However, my favorite part of the image was the family jam session that resulted from it.


A MacMills - We love the photos! Especially of Audrey. And you were very efficient and organized which we appreciated with a toddler. :)

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The [FACE]book Project – Bob Mills – Pt.1

After doing family portraits, this is how our session ended:

       Bob: “So, do you do self-portraits?

       Me: “uhh, yea?”

      Bob: “Great!!”

Who says guys don’t talk.  Being creatives, our goals are to communicate in unconventional ways.

I knew what he meant. He wanted head shots.


A MacMills - Great self-portraits Scott ;)

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The [FACE]book Project – Adam Driscoll

I said “Hey Adam, I need someone pretty.  Can you come over?”.  With his humbleness, he said he could come over, but he wasn’t too sure about the pretty part.  He came over to the ‘studio’ and gave me a private serenade.  I got to stare deep into his eyes the entire time.

I may have gotten the story a little wrong, but the main points are there.

You can catch Adam Driscoll and Dwight d’Eon at the Lower Deck in Clayton Park every Friday night from 5:30-8:30.


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