Hurry Hard!!

“Is this the slowest, most intense thing you have ever shot?” – Jill Brothers

Five layers of shirts, two pairs of socks, some tights and thermal underwear still couldn’t keep me warm, but if you are patient enough with curling you might not need them, at least not all of it.  When Jill turned and said the above to me, I realized that that was a very good way to describe how I was feeling.  For me, the more rocks in play, the more interesting it gets.  Being at ice level you don’t get the same viewing angles as you would on TV, so each time someone leaves the hack, I find myself holding my breath.  As the rock slides toward the house, my heart is pounding wondering if it will crash on the guards or if the sweepers have done enough to squeak it by.  I don’t like comparing it to another sport, but it very much reminds me of boxing.  Early on, you are trying to feel things out, read the ice, playing the long game.  Blanking ends, trying to hold the hammer, you are working to set yourself up for when you want to make a move and score some big points.  I have always been a fan of curling, but Team Brothers has really helped me get more into the strategy and really appreciate the nuances of the sport.  Thanks for having me around!




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Basketball Diaries

If you are fortunate, when you shoot the same things over and over again you find a rhythm and you can free your mind to look for new and interesting perspectives.  The downside is that you have the potential to run on cruise control and just go through the motions.  During the winter months, I try to challenge myself by shooting subjects that I have very little experience with.  I grew up very involved with sports, but I have never really combined my two interests.  The Island Storm were in town to play The Halifax Hurricanes, so I thought I would try and see what shooting a basketball game was like.  I have to say it was a humbling experience, my only foray into sports photography was curling, quite a different pace.  It took me a bit to finally hone in on how I wanted to shoot it, but I think I got there.  I have to say it was exciting and I think I will have to give it another go.


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Underwear Races

One of the side effects of having kids is that you’ve got to clean them.  Bath time in our household is anything but pleasant for anyone here.  However, there is a short window just before wrestling them into the tub where they are playing together without fighting and being quite hilarious. They would do what we would call “Underwear Races” where they would race from one side of the house to the other, obviously in their underwear.  Sadly, the races have ended and evolved into something a lot less appropriate for this site.


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The Carleton Music Bar & Grill

The Carleton is an award winning music venue and is consistently at the forefront of the local music scene.  However, all of their awards are tucked away in a little space not in plain sight.  You do not need to see all of their awards hanging on the wall to know that The Carleton is one of the best venues for live music in Atlantic Canada.  You can tell by all the amazingly talented artists who want to come a play shows there and by the patrons who always leave more than satisfied.  Every artist who I have met, whether new or returning to the Carleton, all rave about what a well run professional establishment it is.  This speaks volumes of the work owner Mike Campbell has put into this place.  Jonathan Cornwall also deserves special acknowledgement for all the behind the scenes work he does.  Every show he is responsible for the sound, ensuring the audience can both hear the music and listen to the words.  He considers this delicate balance an art and the efforts do not go unnoticed.

I want to thank both Mike and Jonathan for letting me do my thing with no strings attached.  I feel very fortunate for the opportunity they have both given me.  I had a great year covering some unbelievable shows and I look forward to more in the new year!!

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